10 Amazing Cases Of Lucky People Finding A Fortune

  1. Baseball card
    A 72 year old California woman by the name of Bernice Gallego made $75,285 after she found an old Baseball Card in her home. She was originally going to sell the card for $10 on Ebay, but friend told her to go another route. The card is an 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings Card and featured sepia toned print of the entire team with an ad for Peck & Snyder on the back.
    Seventy-two-year old Bernice Gallego holds a rare 1869 baseball card showing a baseball card from 1869 of the Cincinnati Red Stockings on Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2008 in Fresno, Calif. Sports card collectors prize any card featuring the Cincinnati Red Stockings, who lay the foundation for today's Major League Baseball. (AP Photo/Fresno Bee, Craig Kohlruss) **NO SALES, MAGS OUT, MANDATORY CREDIT**
  2. The Declaration Of Independence
    After a man found one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence behind a $4 painting he bought, most people thought something that crazy could never happen again. However, a man named Michael Sparks bought a candle holder, a set of salt and pepper shakers, and a copy of the declaration at a Nashville thrift store for $2.48. Sparks originally assumed that the copy was replica, but after further examination, he realized he bought one of the original copies commissioned by John Quincy Adams in 1820. After having the document authenticated, he put the copy up for auction and got $477,650.
  3. The Hoxne Hoard
    In 1992, a farmer in Suffolk, England lost his hammer. So he asked his neighbor Eric Laws if he could borrow his metal detector. AS the farmer was searching, instead of finding a hammer, he found something else; 24 bronze coins, 14,191 silver coins, hundreds of gold and silver spoons, jewelry, and statues, and all of which date back to the roman empire. The find was declared the property of Britain, but the government was required to pay the market value of the find. So Laws and the farmer split the earnings of 1.75 million pounds.
  4. Movie Poster
    Laura Stouffer is a former antiques dealer who came across an interesting find when she ran into an only movie poster for the movie, ”Found” dated between 1850 and the late 1870’s. There were less than 4 artists attributed to the poster, so Stouffer knew she had to buy it. When she opened the poster, she found something else though. An original window card for the 1930 film classic “All Quiet On The Western Front”, which was worth much more than the original “Found” Poster.
  5. Depression Money
    In 2006, A contractor by the name of Bob Kits from Cleveland, Ohio was working on a bathroom in an 83-year old home when he found green metal lockboxes in the wall. Inside the boxes was cash totaling about $182,000 in white envelopes with the return address to “P.Dunne News Agency”. Unfortunately, Kitts entered into a legal battle with the homeowner over the money, and eventually the descendants of the original owner of the money came into play as well. Kitts probably never should have something.
  6. An Old Painting
    An anonymous Indiana man who worked at a tool–and–die company spent $30 on some old furniture as well as an old painting with some flowers. The man used the painting to cover a hole in the wall, where it stood for quite a bit. However, After playing a game called “masterpiece”, The man saw paintings in a similar style. After doing some research, the man found that the artist was named Martin Johnson Heade, and that the Kennedy Galleries in Manhattan mainly featured the artist’s work. So the man asked the museum to come check his painting, and it was discovered that it was a lost Heade painting, and the gallery bought it from the man for $1.25 million.
  7. Abandoned Coins
    Jeff Bidelman an owner of Johnstown rare collectibles, and one day he was assisting a family in cleaning out an abandoned house that a relative left behind. As he was dragging a bag of coins downstairs, he saw hole in upstairs wall. When the first floor got torn down, they found a mountain of gold coins. Bidelman though the $8,500 worth of coins were valued at $200,000.
  8. Golden Pendant
    Every Sunday afternoon, Mary Hannaby went on a walk with her metal detector, and for 7 years she didn’t have much luck. One day, her metal detector beeped, and she found a Gold Pendant about the size of a postage stamp. The pendant had an intricate carving of the crucifixion of Jesus, and she had examined it by the British Museum, who priced it around 4,000 pounds, but they decided not to buy. So Mary took it to the Sotheby’s, who priced it around 250,000 pounds. So the pendant went up for auction with a starting price of 30,000 pounds, but only got about 38,000 pound.
  9. Painting in a Couch
    A student in Germany purchased a couch for $215 at a thrift store in Berlin. When she got home and unfold the sofa, she found a painting hidden inside the couch. The painting called “Preparation to Escape to Egypt”, dated between 1605 and 1620 by an unknown painter who was close to the famous painter Carlo Saraceni. After care examination, the painting was sold at the Hamburg Art Auction for $27,630.
  10. A Prized Pollock
    Teri Horton is a retired truck driver who bought a large painting from a thrift store she thought was “Ugly” in 1992 for a white elephant gift for a coworker. The coworker finded up not liking the painting at all, so Teri took it back. When she tried to sell it at a garage sell, a teacher told Teri that the painting looked like it was made by Jackson Pollock, to which Teri replied, “Who the f*** is Jackson Pollock?” Ever since then, Teri has been trying to get her painting verified as a legitimate Pollock, but has been struggling to find anyone to confirm it ever since. Her struggle against the art world was a subject of documentary called, “Who the *$&% is Jackson Pollock?” If the painting gets verified, she will become a Millionaire.
10 Amazing Cases Of Lucky People Finding A Fortune
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10 Amazing Cases Of Lucky People Finding A Fortune
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