The 10 Extremely Dangerous And Life Risking Jobs In The World

1. Underwater Welder

Underwater welders face a series of dangers on the job, every day. Including a risk of shock, explosion, decompression sicker, and even wear on their dental fillings. About 30 workers die out 200 welders on the job, annually.


2. Crab Fishermen

128 Alaskan crab fisherman died in 2007 alone which is 26 times more dangerous than an average job. 80% of the fatalities are due to hypothermia or being thrown overboard and drowning. Crab fisherman also suffers from serious injuries due to heavy machinery and gear.


3. Loggers

The logging industry has some of the highest work-related fatalities in the country. With loggers being 30 times more likely to die on the job than in most other career fields. The majority of logging-related deaths comes from equipment on trees falling on workers.


4. Microchip Manufacturers

Computer chips are created with numerous hazardous chemicals including arsenic. And keeping in mind that assembling chips may not be instantly lethal. there are long-haul impacts to wellbeing. Such promotion high rates of unsuccessful labors, birth deformities, growth, and respiratory sicknesses.


5. Bramble Pilots

Bramble pilots have more dangers in their vocation for less pay than normal business pilots. With a rate of 13.59 mischances for each 100,000 flight hours. The general aviation rate for pilots in Alaska is two times higher than pilots in the rest of the US.

6. Bull Riders

Bull Riding has surged in popularity since the 1990s with promises of big money for an 8-second ride. Yet, bull riders can endure no less than one noteworthy damage for every 15 occasions they share in. Counting blackouts, broken bones, and cracks which may not be justified regardless of the potential money payout.

7. Steel Workers

Despite the fact that security saddles have been executed steelworkers still hazard a tumble from incredible statures. The job also includes the risk of serious injury from steel beams or walls collapsing on workers. In 2005, steelworkers still had a fatality rate of 56 deaths per 100,000 workers.

8. Oil Riggers

Most offshore oil riggers work 16-hour shifts, often with very little sleep. Fires and oil rig explosions top the list of job-related dangers. With a rate of 27.1 deaths per 100,000 offshore workers, annually.

9. Prostitutes

Prostitutes always run the risk of being arrested for selling sexual favors to johns. But even more dangerous are the threats of STD’s, rape, and even physical assault or death. The death rate for prostitutes is 204 deaths for every 100,000 prostitutes per year.

10. Snake Milkers

Snake milking is a dangerous yet completely necessary job that saves numerous lives per year. While there are safety procedures in place, each milling procedure has a high-risk factor. In fact, snake milking has a low rate of people who have not been bitten at all while on the job.

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