10 Roads You Would Never Want to Drive On

1. Passage De Gois, France

this 4.3 kilometer stretch of road links the French mainland with island of noirmoutier, here on France’s Atlantic coast. At first glance you might think that’s not a bad road to drive on. wait a few hours and your opinion will change as the tide comes in and causes the entire route to vanish. twice a day this road is underwater and any cars that mistimes their crossing is going with it. even if you time the tides just right, driving this road can be a challenge because it’s wet and covered with seaweed which can make it as slippery as ice.


2. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece

Over the 23.5 kilometres greek road, the elevation changes almost 500 metres. This might not sound so bad to you right now, but throw in a lot of potholes, significantly tight twists and turns, heavy truck, pedestrian and livestock traffic and the fact that there are very few. If any, guardrails and you have one hell of a dangerous road. The icing on the cake for this particular route is that there are often no lines or markings which means many nighttime travelers drive straight off the road and to their death.


3. Luxor Al-Hurghada Road

This stretch of road between the ancient city of Luxor and the Red Sea. Resort city of Hurghada is one which many will tell you to stay away from. But why you ask? First, the road goes through some rather remote areas where a breakdown can mean big trouble depending on what time of day it is. Second, this area is known to be patrolled by bands of criminals and terrorists who generally strike at night. This has led many people to drive without their headlights on at night resulting in a significant number of fatal head-on collisions. If you want to drive at night, buy some high-end night-vision goggles.


4. Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

Part of taiwan’s highway number 8, the taroko gorge road is widely considered to be the country’s deadliest stretch of roadway. Carved into, and sometimes through, the mountainous terrain, this road faces significant erosion and landslides thanks to heavy rain and earthquakes. It has made all the more challenging by the fact that the road is extremely narrow in spots and has numerous blind corners which can be full on surprises. Lose control or get bumped by another car? There’s a good bet you are plummeting down the side of the mountain and becoming the latest victim of this infamous stretch of road.


5. Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

When your rental insurance won’t cover you for driving on a road, you know it must be dangerous. Located in Southwest New Zealand, skippers canyon Road has all the characteristics you’d expect of a dangerous route. It is carved into the side of a mountain, has very little in the way of safety features and barriers and is extremely narrow. In fact, this 16.5 mile stretch is so narrow that if two vehicles meet, one will often have to back up for some distance to find a part wide enough to let the other pass safely.

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