5 Darkest National Conventions in History

  1. 1829 Anti-Freemasons
    In 1826, after announcing his intention to publish the dark secrets of the Freemasons, William Morgan disappeared. What happened to Morgan is still a mystery, but it is believed he was kidnapped and murdered by the Freemasons to silence him. Opponents of Freemasonry were convinced the group was plotting to take over the US government and was killing their enemies. Freemasonry was declared the “darkest and deepest plot that ever was formed in this wicked world” and Anti Freemason party was created. In 1831, the party met in the first ever presidential nominating convention in a failed bid to overthrow Freedom influence.
  2. 1939 Nazis in New York
    With the open support of the Third Reich, The Friend of new Germany formed in America in the 1930 demanding that the US remain neutral in any European war and promoting Hitler’s ideas of nationalism and patriotic purity. Later, as the German –American Bund, the group hosted a 1939 convention in Madison Square Garden with 22000 Nazi supporters. The Bund’s secret Police force of 3000 “Ordnungsdiensts” fought protestors as the convention railed against FDR’s “communist conspiracy.” Central to the rally was the adoration of George Washington as “the first fascist” because he “knew democracy could not work.”
  3. 1939 Communists in Chicago
    Not to be outdone, the Communist Party USA held a September, 1939 gathering in Chicago to celebrate its 20th anniversary. It came after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and the party was under order from the USSR to support Germany’s invasion of Poland. Leading up to the event, party leaders had also been in favor of Stalin‘s Great Purge that killed millions in the Soviet union. At the rally of “friendship” and “unity” Abraham Lincoln, Vladimir Lenin, and Stalin were prominent figures. The communists believed that they were heir to Lincoln after he ended slavery and broke the “feudal” south in the Civil War.
  4. 1924 Democratic “Klanbake”
    The 1924 democratic National Convention in New York City took a record-breaking 103 ballots to select a presidential candidate and the debacle became known as the Democratic “ Klanbake” after the Ku Klux Klan seized control of the proceedings. During debates, bloody first-fight broke out on the floor as KKK members revolted and had to be put down by 1000 NYC policemen. Meanwhile, over 20000 hooded KKK member gathered across the Hudson River hang an effigy of Al Smith, the opposition candidate. The Klan Chanted “Booze, booze, booze!” against the liberal, anti-Prohibition Smith and burned crosses to celebrate his defeat.
  5. 1968 Democratic Riots
    During the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the far-left gathered in protest to nominate Pigasus the Immortal, a pig and turned their anti-establishment fury on the policemen and National Guardsmen patrolling the city. Chicago Mayor Richard Daly refused to grant permits for the protests and encouraged suppression to protect the Democrats’ image. Tension boiled over and 10000 protestors battled in Grant against a security force of 23000, shouting “Kill, Kill, Kill!” Amid the violence, fights also broke out on the convention floor, where Walter Cronkite famously commented to Dan Rather. “ I think we’ve got a bunch of thugs here, Dan.”
5 Darkest National Conventions in History
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5 Darkest National Conventions in History
Booing is nothing compared to these 5 darkest national conventions; they were even worse: 1829 Anti-Freemasons, 1939 Nazis in New York, 1939 Communists in Chicago, 1924 Democratic “Klanbake”, 1968 Democratic Riots.
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