6 Psychology Fun Tricks That Works For Everyone

1. Stalker Detector

Have you ever had that awkward moment when you glance at someone, and they are looking at you? What if you glanced more than once, and they are still staring? It may be a coincidence, but sometimes it can be uncomfortable. You may even think this person is watching you. if that thought pops into your head, there is an easy way to figure it out without embarrassing yourself or the other person, Just yawn. That’s right, take a long yawn, and when you are finished, look at the person. if they yawned, there is a good chance they are watching you. This comes down to the fact that yawning is contagious. So if someone is watching you, over 50% of the time if you yawn, so will they. On the flip side, you could use this trick to see if someone is interested in you. Chance is if someone has a crush on you, they are going to notice when you walk in the room.


2. Part The Sea.

Ok, we admit, you won’t actually be able to part the sea with this trick. you will have the capacity to part pedestrian activity in a swarmed territory, which by and large is so much better. If you are at a crowded party or social event, this trick can come in handy if you are trying to cross the room. All you have to do in this circumstances is look into the direction you want to go. You will be shocked to see there is a path that opens up for you. the trick has to do with the other people around you. When in crowded areas, it’s common for people to watch other’s eyes as a sign of where they are headed. To avoid running into this person, they go the opposite way. now there are some things to remember when you are trying this trick out. It isn’t going to work if you are wearing sunglasses because people obviously can’t see your eyes. It also won’t work if you have your eyes glued to your smartphone. If that if the case, put your phone down and pay attention to where you are going!


3. Snackman Effect

Though this next trick is nothing new, it gained popularity thanks to a cell phone video that went viral. In 2013, a man was boarding New York City subway, which doesn’t seem out of the ordinary right? The only difference is, there was a fight involving a man and a woman on this subway cat. not knowing what to do, the man stepped between the people fighting. He acted calm and collected, while he snaked on Pringles and gummy bears. Luckily, there was someone on the same subway car smart enough to record the whole thing. pretty crazy right? you are probably wondering “how did he stop the fight by just waking between the fighters?” Well, in this case, the man calms the situation down by eating. people associating eating to being calm. when you see someone in what would otherwise be a tense situation eating, it makes them appear to be relaxed. How many times has someone been attacked by a stranger while they were eating? we are willing to bet very few! the good Samaritan in the video was quickly dubbed “Snackman” and the trick is now called “the snack man effect.” Thank you, Internet!


4. Appease Confrontation

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of having a peaceful work environment. sometimes you may do something wrong, and it can disrupt the workflow. Or, you may just have a bully at work who has it out for you. Either way, there is a trick that can help you take matters into your own hands. When you head a meeting where you think you might be a part of a confrontation, sit next to the person you think is going to initiate the aggression. Though you may want to be as far away from this person as possible, hear us out. When you sit next to someone who is angry at you, it makes it awkward for them to show aggression towards you. Not only will they to move their whole body to face you, but it also just puts them off. The great thing about this trick is that you might be able to ease the situation completely without an argument. This also works when you think someone just bad-mouths you. sitting close to the person you think spoke poorly of you will make them feel guilty about what they said. After that, leave the rest up to karma!


5. Shoot For The Stars

You have probably heard people tell you to shoot for the stars when it comes to your dreams. That isn’t the only time to shoot for the stars because you can also do the same when you want something from someone. Science has proven that if you want something from someone, aim high. well, aim ridiculously high that is. By asking someone for something ridiculously out of their grasp, and following up with a smaller amount later, they are more likely to oblige your second offer. For instances, say you have a friend who works for your favorite band. You may want to go to the show, so you ask them for tickets for you and your friends. You should break the ice by asking for a ridiculous amount of tickets to the show. Of course, don’t be surprised when this person says no. instead, follow it up by asking for the actual amount of tickets you wanted. They are much more likely to not blow you off this time. This trick worked because the person feels bad for saying to your first proposition. By agreeing to the second one, they think they are helping you out.


6. Eye Contact For Dummies.

We know making eye contact isn’t always easy. And, no, we don’t think you are dummy if you are one of those people who are uncomfortable with eye contact. Don’t worry; we are here to help! first, you should probably know why eye contact is so important when you meet someone.
It doesn’t matter what the situation is, if you aren’t able to look someone in the eye while they are taking, they may think you aren’t interested in the conversation. This may mean you will miss out on some pretty awesome connections. Keeping good eye contact can also help communicate understanding with another person. They will feel like you see them and accept what they are saying. You should never let your social anxiety associated with eye contact get in the way of your relationships. To combat this, try this little trick. when you meet someone, try to remember the color of their eyes. this will trick them into thinking you are making eye contact, and it will keep your mind off the intimacy of locking eyes with a stranger. Just make sure it isn’t obvious, and keep a smile on your face while doing so!

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