Actors Who Went From Rich To Rags

1. Drake Bell

Drake Bell has been on screen so long you would think he would be rich by now. But he has filed bankruptcy and claims to be 581,000 dollars in debt. Even his house ended up being foreclosed on. Bell claims that he’s currently making about 2,280 dollars per month, but has monthly expenses totaling 18,771 dollars.


2. DMX

Earl Simmons is best known as a rapper DMX. In 2017, he pled not guilty to tax fraud with officials alleging that he owes 1.7 million dollars in back taxes. He’s declared bankruptcy three separate times, and has been jailed for failing to pay child support for his 15 children.


3. Bow Wow

He went from Shad Gregory Moss to Lil’ Bow Wow, to just Bow Wow. He’s been called out online for posting photos of cars and cash that it turned out didn’t belong to him. During his career, Bow Wow has had 420,000 dollars worth of cars repossessed, and claims that he is now making only 4,000 dollar per month and 3,000 dollars of that goes straight to child support.


4. Alyssa Milano

Actress Alyssa Milano has made a series of bad investments, and is neglected to pay many outstanding bills. This has left her millions of dollars in debt. But she claims the truly financially irresponsible person here is her business manager, Kenneth Hellie. Milano has filed a lawsuit against Hellie using what little money she has left in her account.


5. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott, are struggling with a massive pile of credit-card debt. McDermott owes thousands in back child support and the pair have accumulated six figures of credit card debt and back taxes that could result in jail time if not paid.


6. 50 Cent

50 Cent has been in the top ten of wealthiest rappers for years before losing it all. In 2015, he filed for bankruptcy after owing 36 million dollars while having less than 20 million dollars in assets. He recently paid off 22 million dollars in debts but still has a long way to go.


7. Kanye West

50 Cent’s 36 million dollar in debt pales in comparison to Kanye West’s 50 million dollar debt. It’s a result of irresponsible spending, and putting his profitable musical career on hold to sink millions into his unsuccessful fashion lines.


8. Johnny Depp

Courts are trying to decide whether actor Johnny Depp’s 40 million dollar debt is a result of lavish spending, as alleged by his former managers, or incompetence on the part of said managers as Depp claims. Although he had to sell his yacht and various properties, he steadfastly refuses to sell his private jet.


9. Nicolas Cage

It’s easy to see where Nicholas Cage spent his fortune, it’s just strange. He spent huge sums of money on shrunken heads, dinosaur bones, and comic books. There have been lawsuits regarding unpaid taxes and loans, and nowadays Cage will take any role he can get to work off his massive debt.


10. Ja Rule

Ja Rule once claimed that his Fyre Festival was going to be a life-changing event. It certainly was, but not in the way it had hoped. Not only did he rack up 7 million dollars in debt for the disastrous festival, but he was also charged with defrauding investors, a suit that could see him lose 100 million dollars.


11. Lindsay Lohan

The problems of Lindsay Lohan always seem to play out in the public eye, but she tried her best to hide her financial ones. She owes about 600,000 dollars in credit card debt, 300,000 dollars to the IRS, and 100,000 dollars in back rents. Some believe it’s only a matter of time before she declares bankruptcy as a result of her mounting debt.


12. Tyga

He’s known for his excessive spending, but less known for his crippling debt. Tyga has had his car repossessed more than once, he owes over $280,000 for unpaid jewelry, 186,275 dollars in back rent, and he may just have a few lawsuits for additional rent and child support coming his way.

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