Awesome Scientific Reasons Behind Smiling

It’s safe to say that kinesiologists disagree upon the exact amount of muscles needed to create each expression, there are many reasons for us all to break into a smile each day!

1. It Makes You Feel Better

When your smile is innate and real, certain muscles in your body are affected, which in turn makes you feel happy or joyful. This is because of a release of endorphins, which are “happy signals” delivered to the brain.

2. Your Immune System Gets A Boost

Smiling a lot can actually have a positive effect on your physical health. This is because your body is more relaxed when you smile, leading to improved health and a tougher immune system.

3. . You Can Provoke Others Into Smiling With You

A study conducted in Sweden found that participants had trouble frowning they were looking at a smiling subject. In fact, the participants’ muscles twitched into smiles all by themselves.

4. It’s A Stress – Reliever

Even if you break into a forced smile rather than a real one, endorphins are released in the brain, changing your mood instantly, thus making you feel better and releasing stress.

5. It’s a universal sign of happiness

Handshakes, hugs, and bows can be interpreted differently depending on where you are in the world, but a smile means the same thing anywhere you go. It’s a universal sign of happiness and acceptance.

6. It Takes As Little As 5 Muscles

While some smiles can use up to 53 facial muscles, others can use just five. Simple!

7. You’re Born With The Ability To Smile

While most behaviors and expressions are learned, scientists believe that all of us are actually born with the ability to smile.

8. It’s The Most Easily-Recognizable Facial Expression

When you smile, someone can recognize that you’re doing so from up to 300 feet away!

9. It’s More Attractive Than The Best Make-Up

Laughing woman smile with great teeth.

A recent study conducted by a chewing-gum brand found that 69% of respondents were inclined to say that a woman smiling was more attractive than when she was wearing make-up.

10. Try One Of 19 Types Of Smile

Research at the University of San Francisco found that smiles can be split into two categories – polite and sincere. Sincere smiles were found to use more muscles on the sides of the face.

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