The Extremely Dangerous Railway Tracks Around The World Which You Will be Surprised To See

1. Aso Minami
This railway track is one of the most dangerous railway track because there is a volcano near this track. But this railway track is closed some years ago as the lawa of the volcano would cover the track and the gas from the volcano was also very poisonous. But still people who loves adventures visit this place.

2. The Death Railway
Burma railway track is also called as The Death Railway Track. While constructing this railway track more than 90000 workers and 16000 prisoners were died by falling in the river. Many prisoners did suicide by falling in the river. Now this track is very popular. People traveling on this track say that they see the ghost of the people who were died while constructing the track.

3. Landwasser Viaduct
This railway track is situated in Switzerland and will give you goosebumps. This track is built on a river and the speciality of this track is that it goes directly in the tunnel from the bridge. On one side of this track is river and on the other side there are mountains.


4. Chennai to Rameshwaram
This is not only world’s but also India’s dangerous railway track. The track is the first sea bridge in India which makes it dangerous. Many times the level of the water rises, but still the train does’t stops.

5. Nariz Del Diablo
Nariz Del Diablo is also called as the Devil’s Nose. The Nariz Del Diablo name comes from the many deaths that occurred the construction. Construction began in 1899 and its highest point has an altitude of 11841 ft.

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