Famous People and Celebrities Who Faked Their Own Death

1. Amelia Earhart

She became famously known for being an American female aviation pioneer and author. She was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She holds as a ton of aviation records. Amelia was also known to be the woman who just suddenly disappeared in a plane back in 1937. It wasn’t until 2 yrs later where she was pronounced dead. Well, there was a new history channel documentary that shows that Amelia might not have died that day in a plane crash over the Pacific ocean. Apparently there are many pictures of this woman still alive. Facial recognition experts looked into these cases and some conclude that its very possible that what they saw in the pictures is indeed Amelia Earhart and the pictures were taken well after the supposed plane crash.

2. Tupac Shakur

Tupac died back in 1996 which he attended a Mike Tyson boxing match at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. A shooter approached Tupac and opened fire hitting him 4 times twice in the chest once in the arm and once in the thigh. One of the bullets went into Tupucs right lung causing it to collapse. He suffered from respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest. He died while he was in the intensive- care unit. His body was cremated the next day but millions of people believe that Tupac death was a hoax and he survived at the hospital and a fake body was cremated. There have been many many pictures that have surfaced showing that Tupac is alive. Suge Knight was with Tupac the night of the shooting and even he has said that Tupac could still be alive this has become a really big mystery.

3. Kurt Cobain

Millions of people believe Kurt Cobain faked his own death and is living in South America. There was a video that recently surfaced that shows what people are saying to be Kurt Cobain performing in Peru. Kurt Cobain helped formed the group Nirvana. This band changed the world and helped inspired millions of people and other famous musicians and performers. Well at the age of 27 yrs old back in 1994 he was found dead at his home from a suicide. But many believe that he didn’t even kill himself he just didn’t want to be known anymore. There have been many pictures uploaded onto the internet of people who look exactly like Kurt.

4. D B Cooper

He has been known as the man who successfully pulled off one of the most significant plane heists of all time. The aviation mystery has been left unsolved for almost 50 years now, well experts believe they are very close to solving it. Apparently, there is new evidence that claims that DB Cooper might still be alive. DB Cooper high jacked a plane and parachuted out of the plane with millions of dollars. We don’t know the real identity is before this person just disappeared. This is a picture of what we think he looks like. Everyone believed that DB Cooper died while others believed he made great use of the millions of dollars and he is living a good life.

5. Paul Walker

Paul Walker died back in 2013 in a high-speed car crash which he was in a Porsche. His Family sued Porsche because they claimed the car had multiple design flaws. There is video footage of this crash and you can see his car on fire. Well here is a part of the footage and people claim that Paul Walker who is being circled right here was actually able to get out of his car and survive this attack. Which makes no sense because we would have seen him in the many footage walking away. And Paul Walker would have talked about the incident. He has no reason to trick the world he is dead. Well, let me just quickly list the reasons why people believe he is alive today and is just in hiding. Paul Walkers Autopsy results were placed on Security hold no one could see them, the license plate from the crash and Paul walkers license plate were different.

6. Jim Morrison


Rocker Jim Morrison found alive living as a homeless hippy in new york and then you have these pictures of what people believe to be Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison is known for being in the famous band The Doors. Jim died at the age of 27 yrs old but the remaining members of the band continued as a trio for another 2 yrs until they split up. Jim Morrison was found dead in a Paris apartment bathtub by his girlfriend Pamela Courson. It was from heart failure. But people believe that he didn’t die and is still alive. If you type his name into google you have articles like Did Jim Morrison really die? Huge news outlets have been doing stories on it, its almost like it’s the media trying to keep him alive.

7. Andy Kaufman

People believe he is still alive because his own brother claims he is alive still. A mysterious woman has also come forward saying that she is the daughter of Andy Kaufman. She said her father faked his own death because he doesn’t want to be famous anymore. If he was alive today he would be in his 60s. Well, most people believe that Andy Kaufman died from lung cancer. Andy was known to be a comedian and a prankster so this is another reason why people believed he faked his own death for a prank. There was also a feature-length documentary of how he faked his own death.

8. Adolf Hilter

Hitler has become one of the most iconic public figures in history for his outrages believes. Hitler died back in 1945 in Berlin Germany from a suicide. He killed himself so he wouldn’t be captured. Well, millions believed he actually escaped and survived the war.

Apparently, this is a picture of Hitler back in 1955 after his apparent death. This was newly declassified CIA files that have now been released to the public.

Also, this is probably more far-fetched but there was this picture of this 128 yr old man that went viral. Everyone believes that this was actually Hitler and the age would have been correct.

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