Indian Rupee was Earlier Also Banned in 1978 | 5 Unknown Facts about Indian Currency

Indian Rupee was Earlier Also Banned in 1978 || 5 Unknown Facts about Indian Currency

Hello Friends, There Was a time in india, when Government Banned Currencies to fight corruption. Lets check out more intresting Facts below.

5000 Rs and 1000 Rs Indian Rupees Notes

Five Thousand Rupees Note
Ten Thousand Rupees Note

If You were born in 1954 you could use notes of Rs 5000 and Rs. 1000 Currency Notes. The 5000 Rs and 1000 Rs Indian Rupees notes Were In Use From 1954 To 1978, But they were Demonetized Because of The Corruption Issue.

Indian Currency In Pakistan.

Indian Currency In Pakistan.

After Independence There was Currency Crisis in India and Pakistan. Printing of Notes in Pakistan was completely stopped, so until they had enough currency to get printed they used Indian Currencies with Pakistan Government Stamp

Indian Rupees In Other Countries

Do You Know That Indian Currency was not only working in India but it was also accepted in early 20th Century in many other countries like, Oman, Kuwait, Aden, Bahrein, Uganda, Seychelles, and Mauritius.

Zero Rupee Note

Indian Government Issued Zero Rupee Note, To Eradicate Corruption From Every Corner Of The Nation. So Next time someone ask you for bribe, give him this Zero Rupee Note.

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