How Many Bones Human Body Have And Their Scientific Importance

Silly weight loss schemes aside, could you actually live without bones? I know this sounds like a crazy question, Obviously, your bones are a pretty important part of your body.

But why? There are 206 of them on the average adult and babies are actually born with even more, around 300 or so.

Some bones are long and thick, with the longest being the femur or the thigh bone, while others are thin and flat, like shoulder blades.

The smallest bones in your body are in your ear. Bones have two types of bone tissue; compact bone and spongy bone. Compact bone is dense and heavy since it needs to be strong as it’s the outside layer of the bone.

Ear Bones Anatomy Ear Bone Anatomy Human Anatomy Diagram – Human Anatomy

Spongy bone is lighter and less dense. Bone marrow is also found inside of your bones, and it’s a soft tissue with two types; red and yellow.

Redbone marrow is where red and white blood cells are made and yellow bone marrow is mostly made of fat. So could you live without bones?
At least with the way our bodies currently function, I’d have to say no… unless you want to be a lifeless pool of human goop on the floor.

In which case, then go for it? Since your muscles are attached to the bones of your skeleton, without them, you simply wouldn’t be able to move! Just the spine itself, which is made up of 24 small bones called vertebrae, is necessary if you want to keep yourself upright or even stand at all.

Maybe that’s okay for a lazy day of watching TV but other than that I’d have to get Someone to carry me around on his back all the time. Beyond that, there wouldn’t be anything to protect your vital organs and your brain would especially be in danger!

You’d be one heavy metal concert away from kicking the bucket. However, it is possible to live without some of your bones. For instance, some people with the condition Cleidocranial dysostosis are born without their collarbones or have them abnormally developed.

There are a bunch of animals though that don’t have a skeleton at all and get along just fine. The octopus is one of my favorites, but others include jellyfish and spiders, who have a hard outer shell called an exoskeleton instead of a skeleton inside their bodies.
So were you surprised to learn about how important bones are to the human body?

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