Shocking Things That Are Legal In United States

1. Owning a Flamethrower

In the United States, there are currently no federal laws governing or restricting the ownership of flamethrowers. Only in America, owning a flamethrower and acts that the government won’t even bat its eyes over. In fact, flamethrowers is a device designed to launch rivers of fire at targets are less regulated in the United States as of 2015 than marijuana. Some states however have passed laws restricting the ownership of flamethrowers but violations of these laws typically only are considered misdemeanor offenses. Some flames-throw owners even sell online for as little as $300.

2. Driving Barefoot

Everyone knows it’s probably a dumb idea to drive without any shoes. But as far as the law is concerned driving barefoot isn’t actually illegal in the United States. While driving even without socks may not land you a ticket from police officer, if police determined that you’re driving barefoot caused an accident you could end up charged with negligent or even reckless driving.

3. Defacing Currency

Defacing to a dollar bill isn’t illegal. The only illegal thing you can do to US legal tender is attempting to make a dollar bill into a larger denomination.

4. Carrying Around Lock-picks

Most states in the US don’t have laws against the ownership or use of lock-picks. The states that actually do have laws against the use of lock-picks generally have them in place to make sure citizens don’t sell locks living surfaces without obtaining of proper license.

5. Counting Cards at a Casino

For those who aren’t familiar with this apparently perfectly legal yet under headed gambling strategy, card counting is where a player and blackjack counts carts to predict what the next drawn card will be. Casinos absolutely hate this practice and if you count cards and get caught you probably will get kicked out and banned from ever coming back to the casino, still if you want to count cards the law will look the other way.

6. Corporal Punishment

This may come as a huge surprise to most people but corporal punishment is still legal in some US states. While most schools have moved on from 19th century methods of punishment, if you go to the wrong school in the wrong state it’s possible for teachers to paddle students with rulers or even shaved down baseball bats.

7. Owning a Tank

Owning a tank is actually perfectly legal in most areas of the US. Though, of course, there are some restrictions on anyone who wants to go out and own their very own tank. First of all the main cannon of your new tank has to be disabled and as long as your replaces steel traps with rubber tracks for driving on roads you’re good to go. Also if you’re purchasing a tank with the intent of overthrowing your local government, that’s no-no as well. It also turns out that tanks are surprisingly cheap, if you have all your tank modifications in place you can purchase ex-soviet tanks such as a T-72 for as little as 50,000 dollars.

8. Firing a Missile

In the state of South Carolina, it’s perfectly legal to fire off a missile as long as you have the permission of the Aeronautics division of the Department of Commerce.

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