Vladimir Putin Facts

Vladimir Putin has been the subject of many political debates concerning Russia and among the Russian journalists.

He is known for carefully cultivating an image of macho daredevil and holding political opinions that are in contrast with western politics.

Whatever be the case, here are some Vladimir Putin facts  that you might find interesting.

1) In August 2011, during one of the countless photo ops Putin undertakes every year, the Russian leader “discovered” ancient Greek vases while scuba-diving in the Black Sea.

However, two months later his chief spokesman admitted that the footage of Putin collecting two fragments of 6th Century BC Greek Jugs – in which he grabs them in clear water and declares “the boys and I found them” – was actually staged.

Apparently the jugs had been discovered earlier by archaeologists and deliberately placed there for Putin to “recover”.

2) In August 2010, Putin co-piloted a fire-fighting plane in order to help put out hundreds of wildfires in western Russia.

The wildfires, in the Ryazan region, had covered Moscow in a huge smog but Putin pressed the button which dumped hundreds of litres of water on to the affected areas to help calm them down.

3) For 16 years Putin worked as an officer in the KGB (the Committee for State Security), spying for the secret police agency in East Germany between 1975 and 1991.

Putin’s primary job was to recruit foreigners in Dresden in the hope of sending them as undercover agents to the USA.

While the Berlin Wall was falling in 1989, Putin even burned KGB files as a mob tried to enter the agency’s headquarters in Dresden.

He moved back to Russia in 1991 and left the agency with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

4) If there were ever any doubts about how highly Putin was held in his home nation then the fact that his name and image has been used to advertise several products should put them to bed.

T-shirts bearing images of the Russian leader, as well PuTin canned food, Putinka Vodka and Gorbusha Putina caviar, are sold throughout the nation.

5) Putin is a devout Orthodox Christian and he stringently holds to the traditional values of the church – with often-controversial results.

One belief Putin holds is that same-sex marriage is akin to Satan-worshipping – and argued in a speech in September 2013 that Russia must avoid following European countries who were “going away from their roots” by legalising gay marriage and allowing for excessive “political correctness”.

6) In June 2013, while Putin and his wife Lyudmila were leaving during the interval of the ballet La Esmeralda that was being performed at the Grand Kremlin Palace, they were asked why they were so rarely photographed together in public.

Putin immediately responded saying that a “joint decision” had been made for them to be separated because they “practically don’t see each other”.

He also referred to the separation as a “civilised divorce”.

7) West German spy agency BND described Putin as a “Philanderer & Wife-Beater” during his time as a KBG agent in East Germany.

A BND agent codenamed “Balcony” – due to her large breasts – supposedly became acquainted with Putin’s wife Lyudmila.

Lyudmila then told Balcony about her husband’s many infidelities, as well as his physically abusive side.

8) Vladimir Putin can score against professional ice hockey players.

On his 63rd birthday, he celebrated by playing a game of ice hockey against professional NHL stars.

His team won, and he scored 7 goals.

9) In 2010, Putin was pictured attaching a tracking collar to a 507-pound polar bear.

He is known to assist in research and rescue operations for endangered species.

10) In May 2010, Putin, who oversees research programs on several different mammals.

Symbolically released a west Asian leopard from its cage, Into an outdoor enclosure in a wildlife sanctuary.

11) In 2008, a camera crew following Putin at the Ussuri wildlife reserve was attacked by a Siberian tigress.

He quickly shot the deadly animal with a dart and tranquilized it, saving the camera crew.

Vladimir Putin Facts that will leave you totally surprise – Part II
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Vladimir Putin has been the subject of many political debates concerning Russia and among the Russian journalists.
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